The services I provide include lifestyle, high school sports, high school senior pictures, college senior pictures, college graduation, events, organizations, anniversaries/families, and studio pictures. Examples of these categories of pictures are displayed below. If you have a need for a category that is not listed below, feel free to directly message me as I may be able to accommodate the request.

I also provide a premium option to those who want to feel as though they are personally curating the pictures themselves. Perks of the premium service include ability to see every picture from a photoshoot and choose the shots that you like, 24 hour or less turnaround time in receiving photos, and different editing styles to choose from as well as personal editing requests before the final product is sent.

My services come with a 100% money back guarantee if the pictures are not up to client satisfaction level. With that being said, I can guarantee my expertise in this field and my ability to create compositions that are easy on the eye and pleasing to the client. I carefully develop timeless works of art with the power of my lens and my intuition for a masterpiece. My customer care is second to none as I try my very best to make clients feel relaxed and at ease while taking pictures. I am not selling photography or even a service, I am selling an experience and I hope you will enjoy my unique perspeKCtive.


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College/High School Senior Pictures

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